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    Blue Plasma

    Blue Plasma is looking for a partner for sterilization testing.

    Blue Plasma develops cleaning and disinfection applications based on cold atmospheric plasma. In collaboration with an established partner company in Germany we can provide a sterilization unit based on plasma technology. This system would be possibly attractive for sterilization in a medical environment, and together we are now looking for a lab facility/partner that we can work with to obtain proof data for the virological effectiveness of the unit.

    Testing so far has shown that the approach is effective against bacteria and spores. We are confident that it will also work against viruses – including corona viruses and SARS-2. The treatment will inactivate viruses but not physically remove their RNA. This means we need a test that can establish if the virus is still active. The testing does not need to be executed on SARS-2 initially; a suitable alternative corona virus should also help to establish the proof data we are looking for.

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