Rapport RVO Model to finance large scale industrial project in energy efficiency

Model to finance large scale industrial project in energy efficiency (RVO) (ENG)

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This study has been commissioned by the Dutch Government Organization RVO1 under number TSE1706012 named “Modelaanpak voor financiering van grootschalige energie-efficiency”. The proposal was originally submitted by the Dutch Branch Organization of Technology Suppliers FME2 to TKI Energy & Industry 3at the Top-sector Energy.

FME’s request was based on the observation that many Dutch SME4’s struggle to grow in the industrial market with their energy efficiency products. Kimberly Tjon a Kie, Master student at Delft University, during a traineeship at FME in 2016 investigated investments in Energy Efficiency for industrial end-users both SME and Large Enterprise. The Master Tᆳ relatively small CAPEX budget available for energy efficiency improvements through in-process application, and that such investments face a very high hurdle rate for execution. It is common that investments with a pay-back period longer than 2,5 years are rarely executed. The consequence is that novel energy efficiency technologies do not reach mass market scale, and product innovation and cost reduction ᆳ technologies is not achieved due to the lack of investments.

The energy transition from the current system towards to the long term decarbonization goal of the Paris Agreement will require a significant increase in capital investments. This ᆳ investigation and search for solutions by novel business models and financing instruments that would enable more industrial energy efficiency investments to be executed.

This research identified novel business models, policies and financial instruments that can increase the amount of private capital from institutional investors to increase energy efficiency investments particularly in energy intensive industry. The result will lead to positive market outlook for innovative energy efficiency products and increase competitiveness of the energy intensive industry. The first focus of this report was to improve the interaction between SME technology suppliers, energy intensive industries, government policies and institutional investors in order to create an mutually beneficial eco-system. This Eco-system has been analyzed in the report with a focus on ESCO5 as a missing link for project develop-ment and project financing for Energy Efficiency projects in industry.

Model to finance large scale industrial project in energy efficiency hier lezen en/of downloaden


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