High Tech is one of the main economic clusters for the region with around 15,000 employees. The main focus is in and around Nijmegen. With leading multinationals such as NXP, Ampleon and Nexperia, the area has a leading position in semiconductors, semiconductors, and chip technology. Companies in the area are particularly strong in automotive and telecom/communications. Within Nijmegen, the cluster is mainly organised at the Noviotech Campus (NTC).

In particular, development of this spearhead sector requires access to well-trained staff, both at vocational and university level. Practical issues include housing for expats and cooperation with other knowledge institutions.

Developments in Health and Food, which are necessary for a liveable future, cannot be made possible without cooperation with the High-Tech sector, which, with its key technologies, provides the basis for innovations and thus has a major impact on the societal challenges mentioned. Technical developments in the context of Health and Food are helping to create a sustainable future. It is made possible by a strong high-tech sector that provides the basis for innovations with key technologies.

Lifeport leads the way in:

  • Chip integration: Development and innovations in the areas of chip integration, chip design, quality of the manufacturing process and (advanced) packaging services and mechanical engineering;
  • Radio Frequency Technology (RF technology): The regional business community has tried-and-true power in RF technology.
  • Artificial Intelligence: A spearhead of our region with huge potential is artificial intelligence (AI). The Arnhem-Nijmegen region is characterised by a good number of artificial intelligence innovation centres (so-called ICAI labs at Radboudumc and Radboud University) and an increasing number of AI-related companies and applications.

Noviotech Campus

At Noviotech Campus, knowledge, business and innovation come together. This innovative hotspot in Nijmegen provides state-of-the-art research infrastructure, housing and support for entrepreneurs and researchers in the Life Sciences, Health, and High-Tech sectors. Over 50 start-ups and experienced companies with powerful talent use the high-quality laboratories, clean rooms, shared facilities, offices, and modern meeting rooms available.