Health and High Tech are two important economic clusters for the region. The Arnhem-Nijmegen region is a key player in solving social issues in the areas of food safety, food scarcity and climate change and an important knowledge partner in healthcare. The healthcare industry is the largest employer in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region. Currently, three in every seven employed people work in healthcare.

By leveraging the existing ecosystem of knowledge institutions, innovative businesses and governmental authorities, the region can make an important contribution to future-proof healthcare. An important part of this is promoting healthy living by putting more emphasis on prevention and care close to home, in collaboration with residents, healthcare professionals, housing associations and start-ups in neighbourhoods.

It is necessary to further intensify the current consistent cooperation between healthcare institutions, businesses, governments, neighbourhood organisations and housing cooperatives over a longer period of time. This is the only way we can make a real impact and make a difference for patients and residents. In doing so, we focus more on health and disease prevention than just care.

The various entrepreneurs, educational and knowledge institutions in the Health ecosystem are an important source of (scientific) knowledge and know-how on topics such as genetics, infectious diseases, nutrition, and neuroscience.


Spearheads in Health

Healthcare is the largest sector in the region and a vital link in the regional knowledge economy. The region is distinctive internationally in medical technologies and (bio)pharmaceuticals. There are major players in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region and many opportunities for growth and innovation exist within this domain. At Lifeport, for instance, new techniques are being used to contribute to faster recovery of patients after illness.

Lifeport leads the way in:

  1. Drug discovery & development: Innovations and development of (new) drugs, medicines and innovations in diagnostics and care.
  2. Digital health: Digital and genetic innovations within health and healthcare. Digital Health is the interconnection and innovation of digital technologies with health and healthcare.
  3. Neuroscience / Healthy Brain: Our knowledge position in these themes is leading, which also offers economic potential. After all, this is about improving the ‘quality of life’ of residents. Major social problems are strongly related to the Healthy Brain theme.



Briskr is the programme that supports startups and SMEs to grow faster and make a bigger impact within Health and High Tech. It reinforces the ecosystem. Briskr does this by organising networking activities, supporting start-ups with business support, and setting up structure-building innovative projects for the region. The Briskr Foundation board includes four board members from The Economic Board who have an affinity with the regional Health & High-Tech sectors.