Lifeport is the common denominator that allows everyone to recognise and find the Arnhem – Nijmegen – Wageningen area. By means of the hashtag #Lifeport, stories are shared that put a face to our area. Stories about a longer, better and healthier life for people.

We already have all the ingredients to make this a reality: from a green living environment to smart cities; from unique ideas to world-changing innovations. Innovations with a human touch. Food, Energy and Health form the basis, High Tech is what makes the innovations a reality.

The stories that are shared with #Lifeport allow us to increase the visibility and findability of our area for people in The Hague, Brussels, Europe and the rest of the world. That way, we can give the area a recognisable face.

We invite you to share your story, innovation, milestone or possibly even your ambition, your questions and vision through #Lifeport. Share with us, your colleagues in the region, and with the rest of the world. Let’s build our shared story; a recognisable, distinctive and credible narrative about our region.

Are you in?