29 mei 2019 - Geschreven door: Kristian Voldrich, managing director bij College Life

The untapped pool of international talent in Gelderland

Yearly, Gelderland attracts thousands of international students. Recent discussions in the higher education have put this target group in the spotlight while scrutinizing their true added value to their Netherlands. While many opposing parties argue about how restricting the influx of internationals & keeping the university programmes in Dutch will solve nation-wide problems, only a few take the time to actually problem-solve. Sometimes, however, the answers to such pressing issues are right in front of our noses.

Without a doubt, top talent is a fundamental component that determines whether a given company will remain competitive. The issue is that many traditional industries overspend on HR innovations and novel practices, instead of creatively problem solving. Hiring top international students and graduates is one strategy companies can use to win the war for talent.

In 2013, Nuffic calculated that international graduates contributed at least 1,64 billion Euro to the Dutch treasury after accounting for all costs associated with education and entitlement to social benefits. And since 2013, the number of international students in the Netherlands has increased by 52 per cent, likely resulting in a current contribution of around 2.5 billion Euro.

Gelderland hosted a total of 84,173 (9 per cent) international students throughout the academic year of 2018/2019. However, only 710 (5 per cent) of all international graduates in the Netherlands remained working in the region 5 years after completing their studies. By increasing the number of international graduates that find work in Gelderland, a substantial contribution – both monetary and non-monetary – can be distributed among the entire region.

The top academic institutions in Gelderland are a true magnet for international students. To harness the full potential and added value of these students, it is of utmost importance for the triple helix to work closer together, now more than ever before. Large companies across top sectors in Gelderland are key drivers of growth and will require the support of international talent to remain competitive.

And to remain competitive, three core questions must be addressed in the near future;

  • How can we improve and accelerate the integration of international students & graduates?
  • How can we adjust internal & external communication channels to this untapped pool of talent?
  • How can we boost the availability of career opportunities in the region?

How will you address these questions?

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